As an employment-first organization, MRCI is committed to providing services to help individuals to be successful in their careers. Employment Exploration, Employment Development and Employment Support services are the three employment services within our menu of services available for individuals on their journey to obtaining and sustaining, competitive, integrated employment in the community. 

When appropriate, the one-on-one attention and/or more focused services can allow for services to be specialized to an individual’s needs, goals and current skillset.


Employment Exploration activities are often the first step in finding a career. These experiences strengthen a person’s knowledge, interests and preferences so he/ she can make informed decisions.

Some of the activities provided through MRCI’s Employment Exploration include:

• Job tours

• Informational interviews

• Community tours

• Career speakers

• Soft skill development

• Career interest inventories



Individualized services offered through MRCI are designed to help a person achieve competitive, integrated employment, become self-employed or establish a micro- enterprise business in his/her community.


In addition, Employment Exploration services can help you strengthen your skills through activities such as:

• Resume writing• Attending job fairs

• Preparing for interviews


Support services help people with disabilities maintain paid employment in community- business settings, while allowing them to continue developing the skills to pursue additional career goals. Employment Support is available to individuals who are new hires or long-standing employees.

Resources include:

• Continuous skill development

  (leadership, soft skills, technology)

• Employer education on numerous

  topics including disability awareness

Absolutely amazing and talented people. My experience working at MRCI: the best professional job I've had overall. This company is a good fit for anyone who has the heart, desire, sense of humor, and character to support people in

fulfilling their goals and dreams.

Charlie  PCA

Creating innovative and genuine opportunities for people with disabilities or disadvantages at home, at work and in the community.


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This information is available in other forms to individuals with disabilities or other languages by calling us locally at 507-386-5600 or toll free at 800-829-7110, TTY users can also call us through Minnesota Relay at 711 or (800) 627-3529

MRCI is a Affirmative Action  Equal Opportunity Employer