Day Services

Day Service


Day Services is a program that allows adults with disabilities to:


• Learn and use life skills

• Participate in community life

• Engage with their peers

• Embrace technology

• Choose activities that are personally meaningful


Day Services provide a pathway to be fully integrated into the community while receiving quality care. Some of the activities include:


• Supervision, training and help in self-care, communication, socialization, and behavior management

• Activities in the community, like an exercise class, volunteering or special events

• Training on a variety of topics including technology, community survival skills, money management, and activities to live more independently

• Coordination with scheduled supported employment and work-related activities (including center-based work, community work crews, or individual community-based employment supports)




Medical Report Form


MRCI is requesting your assistance in ensuring all people served in MRCI Adult Day Services Programs are up to date with their preventative and ongoing medical needs. Please download this file for completion by a medical professional.



Adult Day Medical Report Form

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