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Meet Babi

Because being person-centered is at the heart of everything MRCI does, our Employment

Exploration program has been key in helping those we serve find what they truly want to do.

Take Babi for example. Not really sure what skills she had or what she wanted to do with them, she went through the Exploration program. Shortly after graduation she found a job she loves working at Taco Bell.

Babi says, “I like Taco Bell and chose Taco Bell because my family worked in fast food for their first jobs, too. The staff are funny and helpful to me. I feel welcome when I am there and I get a hello each day when I arrive for work.”

Erin Connell is the MRCI Employment Specialist that works with Babi.

“Babi came to me straight from employment exploration and she was hired within weeks of

working with me,” says Erin. “This success, and others like it, are because of the great work

done by our exploration team. The AWESOME work they do with the clients really comes


The Employment Exploration program offers services to assist a person in developing work

skills, work habits and job retention skills required to obtain and maintain employment.

Training includes activities to:

  • Improve and increase productivity

  •  Attendance

  •  Punctuality

  •  Ability to work with others

  •  Ability to work under supervision

  •  Work tolerance

YOU can help! If you would like to volunteer by sharing of your time and talents with these

individuals, or if you are an employer and would like to offer job shadowing opportunities or

tours of your business, please call 507-386-5600.

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