Track to Success and Tractor Supply: A win-win!

Leah loves going to work every day, something she couldn't say three months ago, when COVID left her wondering about her future.

"I would go to MRCI every day, " says Leah. "When they had to close I didn't know what I would do every day."

MRCI found a way to put meaning into Leah's day, she enrolled in the Track to Success program. Track to Success is an eight-week program that combines classroom instruction on soft skills such as communication and customer service, with on-the-job training at a variety of community work sites.

Leah did her on-the-job training at Tractor Supply in Mankato and after graduating from the course, interviewed for a permanent position there. She got the job on the spot!

"I love my job at Tractor Supply," says Leah. "When they got a shipment of little chicks in, I just knew it was the place for me!"

For Tractor Supply, it meant finding a quality employee in a tight market for work force.

The partnership between MRCI and Tractor Supply is a rewarding one for all involved.

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