Transitional Employment Services

Bridge to the Future

This summer training program will provide participants with the tools they need for a successful transition from education into the world

of work. Each session provides training in job search and retention, as well as soft skills to help build self-confidence and accountability. Outside of the classroom, the program provides hands-on training with area business partners.


Track to Success

This training course strives to improve communication and interpersonal skills, as well as situational judgment and problem solving for each participant. Each day, participants will practice and develop the skills they have learned in class at a number of community employers.


Justin's Story

Chris Vorwerk has an eye for detail and design. It’s part of what prompted her to start her business, New Ulm-based United Commercial Upholstery, many years ago. She and her husband, co-owner Phil Vorwerk,  take great pride in designing beautiful upholstered seats for golf carts and boats. Products you have to see to appreciate. Turns out their ability to look beyond the surface, though, has been one of their most rewarding business and personal ventures.


“When Tom Rivers walked in here and asked if we had interest in hiring a blind individual, I just didn’t really see how it could work in our business. I just didn’t see how the young man he mentioned could help us with sewing and upholstery without having visual feedback,” says Phil.


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