MRCI partners with employers to meet business needs and serve as an ongoing resource in diversity integration. Recruiting processes, technology enhancements, access to education and training, along with financial incentives are making it easier for employers to hire workers with disabilities or disadvantages, especially in partnership with MRCI.





If you are looking to hire a new employee, MRCI can provide you with candidates that are pre-screened to match the skills and needs of your unique job specifications. Applicant skill’s range from entry level to professional. The MRCI Job Placement professionals will work with you to make a long-term job match and will provide you with the support to assure a successful placement, including post-placement job coaching and follow up.



MRCI can contract with your organization to provide you an on-site team of trained workers and an experienced work supervisor, who will work in partnership with your existing employees to complete the job.



Utilizing our flexible and pre-trained workforce, along with specialized equipment and warehouse facilities, MRCI can become your extended labor force for short and long-term production, packaging and assembly needs.






MRCI also offers a wide range of consultation and education services including:


• Education and diversity training opportunities for employers and their employees.


• On-site job analysis for worksite modifications and recommendations.


• Assistance for employers in accessing available funding for training or retraining employees with disabilities as well as applying for available tax credits.





The benefits of hiring a qualified candidate with a disability, include:


• Increased hiring pool.

• Positive impact on the retention of existing employees.

• Tax and other financial incentives including productivity benefits.

• Increased diversity.

• Response to an aging workforce.

• Enhanced staff morale/work ethic/dedication.

• Become poised for future preference in government contracting.

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MRCI is a Affirmative Action  Equal Opportunity Employer


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