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Young Businesswomen


MRCI looks for partners in the community to meet our mission.  There are numerous ways to get involved: Hire our clients, Volunteer with us or for us, Work for us, Donate, Share our Story, Refer someone to services, Advocate, provide inclusive Training in your organization and so many other great ways.

MRCI also offers a wide range of consultation and education services including:

• Education and diversity training 

  opportunities for employers and

  their employees.


• On-site job analysis for worksite

   modifications and recommendations.


• Assistance for employers in accessing

  available funding for training or

  retraining employees with disabilities

  as well as applying for available

  tax credits.

At MRCI, volunteers have an important role.  If you have an interest, skill or talent to contribute we would be happy to have you as a volunteer.  

 OR If we can provide a volunteer service to your nonprofit with our skills and talents, please let us know this as well.  

Together we can make our communities great!

MRCI relies on generous gifts from individuals, foundations and organizations to provide genuine opportunities for individuals with disabilities.  

We invite you to join us with a gift today.


If you enjoy working with people, are dependable, can problem solve and have a sense of humor, MRCI might be the place for you! We typically have an array of varied open positions.


To find out how you can join the MRCI team, review the current openings and submit an application today!

If you are looking to hire a new employee, MRCI can provide you with candidates that are pre-screened to match the skills and needs of your unique job specifications.


Applicant's skills range from entry level to professional. The MRCI Job Placement professionals will work with you to make a long-term job match and will provide you with the support to assure a successful placement, including post-placement job coaching and follow up.

MRCI partners with referring agencies such as: social workers, vocational rehabilitation counselors and guardians to create an individualized program. Whether an individual wants community employment, training classes, leisure activities or a combination of all,


MRCI has developed programs for all of the above in person and virtually.

The MRCI story began more than 70 years ago, with a group a dedicated volunteers and a mission for inclusion.  Today’s story and mission is as relevant as ever; however, we need you to share our story to continue our organization’s legacy.


Engage and encourage your friends and neighbors to join you in our journey.  

MRCI believes that individuals with disabilities should have access to effective and high-quality employment, day and self-directed (home-based) services of their choice.

MRCI is proud to support our clients and their family members as well as the broader disability community in partnership with other disability providers and advocates in analyzing disability policy matters.

A need to connect. A need to develop oneself. A need to belong within one's community.

MRCI exists to fill that need!

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