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MRCI offers a variety of person-centered programs to assist individuals in finding and keeping a job in their community. At the core of these services is the desire to provide individualized services that meet the specific needs and wishes of the individual.

Rather than move people through “programs” we build a plan for each person and provide an array of specific service options.

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The Customized Employment Discovery process allows individuals with disabilities and employers the opportunity to negotiate job tasks and/or reassign job duties to improve overall contribution in the workplace. For employers, customized employment allows an employer to examine its specific workforce needs and fulfill those needs with an employee’s specific skills. 

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is an evidence-based practice that helps individuals with serious mental illness work in regular jobs related to their work preferences. IPS services emphasize a rapid search for competitive jobs consistent with the individual’s goals, interests, and experience. 


PBA services include but are not limited to: identifying and developing job opportunities, assisting with creating and updating resumes, completing job applications, preparing for job interviews, completing cover and thank you letters, providing on site job analysis, assisting employers to identify and eliminate barriers to 
competitive integrated employment. 


Individualized services offered through MRCI are designed to help

a person achieve competitive, integrated employment, become self-employed or establish a

micro- enterprise business in

his/her community.


In addition, Employment Exploration services can help you strengthen your skills through activities such as:

• Resume writing

• Attending job fairs

• Preparing for interviews

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