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Since 1953, MRCI has been a resource for people with disabilities. Our dedicated professionals work with each individual and their team to develop a successful plan for achieving their goals. MRCI partners with referring agencies such as: social workers, vocational rehabilitation counselors and guardians to create an individualized program. Whether an individual wants community employment, training classes, leisure activities or a combination of all, MRCI has programs developed to assist you.

If you are referring an individual for Day Support Services, Employment Exploration, Employment Development, or Employment Support services, please be prepared to upload the following documents through our secure online referral portal:

  • A current CSSP

  • The most current psychological exam or physical exam

  • A list of current medications

  • Medication and/or treatment orders to be administered by MRCI, signed by a doctor

  • Medical protocols to be implemented by MRCI, signed by a doctor (i.e., seizure protocol)

  • Residential Paperwork, if applicable

  • IEP, if applicable

  • A copy of the following:

    • Photo ID

    • Social Security Card

    • MA Card

All referral documents must be received by MRCI within 2 weeks of the initial referral request.

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For technical difficulties related to MRCI’s referral portal, please email:

Frequently Asked Questions

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