At MRCI, volunteers have an important role.  If you have an interest, skill or talent to contribute we would be happy to have you as a volunteer.


Have questions about volunteering at MRCI? Call 507-386-5600.


Volunteer opportunities for individuals are typically available during the day at any of our communities. We are excited to work with you to find an opportunity that’s a good fit for you and the

people we serve.

Volunteers are needed both virtually and in person to fill a variety of unique needs. If you have a talent/interest, we would love for you to share it with us.

Additionally, if you have an ability to share your career with us we have many individuals who are exploring

the world of work.


MRCI works with various volunteer groups to create meaningful experiences for both the people with disabilities that we serve and individuals who are generously donating their time.


MRCI partners with numerous colleges and universities to provide internships and service-learning opportunities for students of any major of study to interact with individuals in our programs. Student experiences (internships/service learning, etc.) vary by location, but our goal i s to align

your interests with our opportunities.

For those interested inside of our organization, we also offer internships in human resources, marketing, accounting, business administration, retail management and

information technology.