MRCI ensures success on the job for the individuals we serve by providing support and coaching every step of the way. With the individual’s best interests in mind, our placement staff starts with finding the right “fit” and then working side-by-side with them until support is no longer needed.

Elderly woman and younger woman sitting on a bench



Services to receive assistance after you secure your job. MRCI is committed to each individual’s success by providing face-to-face visits, ongoing training and support in achieving long-term goals.

Resources include:

• Continuous skill development

  (leadership, soft skills, technology)

• Employer education on numerous

  topics including disability awareness


Providing long-term supports as well as personal and professional development opportunities for individuals to maintain and advance in their jobs transitioning the opportunities into careers.

Theresa - MRCI EASE Client

"I like coming to EASE and enjoy coloring and doing pictures."

Theresa   -   MRCI EASE Client