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Meet Jason

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Jason Stuehrenberg is just one example of how the individuals MRCI serves can help ease the workforce crisis in our region.

“I am thankful to MRCI because I have a job I love,” says Jason. “I am so thankful to have it.”

Thankful because he lost his last job due to COVID restrictions, but he remained committed to

continuing to work. That’s when he found employment at Cub Foods as an essential worker. It’s a job that really helps his natural talents shine through: all because he gets to work closely

with people.

“I love to help people when they need help finding something in the store. I am also a

part of the Clean Team and take great pride in that,” he says. “I choose to work because I get

to be around all different kinds of people and earn my own money. MRCI always helps me

get ready for doing my best at my job.” His supervisors say Jason sets a good example for others to follow. “Jason reports to every shift with a smile under his mask. He is happy to load a customer’s water softener bags or clean up a broken jar of pickles. He keeps the cart

room clean and full of shopping carts. When approached by a customer, Jason will stay

with the customer until their question is resolved. Jason continues to be a great addition to the Cub Team!” says his supervisor at Cub Foods, Suzanne Pfeffer. MRCI has several person-centered programs to help those we serve find jobs they are passionate about and at the same time, help employers find reliable workers.

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