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Local businesses help MRCI fulfill its mission

Sharing time, treasure and talent through Whose Line is it Mankato?

Each month MRCI uses this space to highlight successful partnerships between area employers and the individuals we serve. Each month, a single story. There is one night each year, however, where all of these stories come together. A night that celebrates how important the businesses, the people, the partnerships are to the success of MRCI’s mission. This year, that night is September 16.

Whose Line is it Mankato? is an annual event that puts 10 community leaders on stage with a professional improv group, completely unscripted. What happens on stage is truly spontaneous and magical, but what happens off stage should also be spotlighted as the businesses our contestants represent allow them the time to participate and also pledge financial support. Our presenting sponsor, Pioneer Bank, has been with us since the event debuted in 2018. And since that time other area businesses have joined them in that support through sponsorships, attendance at the event and leaving the event committed to hiring from our pool of awesome job candidates.

As we prepare for this year’s event on September 16, we have fun reflecting back on past shows. Pictured here is the cast from the 2021 event. Curious who will take the stage this year? To see our slate of contestants and to get tickets, visit

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