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Meet Becca

Congrats to Rebecca “Becca” Urban celebrating two years working at Dittrich Specialties, a light assembly and packaging company in New Ulm.

Becca started a job tryout at Dittrich’s in June of 2020. It didn’t take long for Becca to impress and she was hired direct by them a month later. She is now approaching her two- year anniversary with them. Becca says she loves the work she does at Dittrich’s.

“I love my job because two of my favorite things are making crafts and giving out gifts,” she says. “So no matter what job I do here that’s what I see.” Becca is just one example of people MRCI serves earning competitive jobs in the community. In fact, just in the southern Minnesota region so far in 2022, MRCI has had 77 competitive job placements. In total, we are supporting 332 individuals in competitive jobs, essential employees, many of them working throughout the pandemic. Through our Track to Success and Bridge to the Future programs, so far this year we have supported 100 students transitioning into the workforce. We currently have 120 individuals looking for competitive jobs.

If you want to help us meet our mission of providing innovative and genuine opportunities for individuals with disabilities at home, at work and in the community, please visit Opportunities are boundless: be an employment partner, volunteer with us or support us financially.

Any questions, please call 507-386-5600.

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