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Meet Patrick

When Patrick started as a Retail Merchandiser with SAS Retail, he was excited to see if it was going to be the right fit. He had recently lost a job that wasn’t accommodating to his needs. “MRCI was an advocate for me to help provide solutions, but in the end, the job wasn’t a good fit” states Patrick. With the help of his MRCI Employment Specialist, Hannah Dean, they both found that SAS Retail was exactly what Patrick was looking for. “Hannah helped me get a job that I love after a failed job. It is nice to know that someone is in my corner if anything goes wrong.”

When asked what he loves about his job, Patrick states “I like how precise it is. I have to line tags a specific way. It reminds me of puzzles, and I love puzzles.” Rusty, Patrick’s supervisor, agrees “Patrick blows me away on how precise he is. He doesn’t even need to use a ruler anymore for spacing. He can just eye it and know exactly where to put the price stickers.” Patrick appreciates Rusty being kind and understanding as a supervisor.

Before starting to work competitively, Patrick completed MRCI’s Track to Success Program. This eight-week classroom and work experience program strives to improve communication and interpersonal skills, as well as situational judgement and problem-solving skills for each participant. “The Track to Success classes helped me understand the different types of jobs out there and what I was good at.”

Currently, Patrick is working out of both Mankato Cub Foods locations. “Patrick is thriving with SAS Retail. Every time I visit, he is working hard and does a very precise job. I have loved seeing him so confident at work” explains Hannah. After a year of working at SAS Retail, Patrick says it best, “I love my job!”

For more information on MRCI’s Track to Success Program or about becoming an MRCI employment partner, call 507-386-5600 or visit

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