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Meet Lanesha

There was a time when it was difficult for Lanesha to communicate to others: she was shy by nature and a little unsure of herself. Lanesha was a hard worker and enjoyed her work at Growing Tree Montessori Daycare in Waseca, but she wanted to get a little more involved.

Enter Lisa Lobe, MRCI job coach.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of working with Lanesha. At our first meeting I noticed her quiet, shy, and timid personality. So, I started job coaching with her. It’s been to see her come into her own and start communicating more not only with other coworkers, but parents and the children in the room. She has come a long way from sitting on the floor in one spot with one kid on her lap, only talking to that one kid. Now she floats around the room, socializing with all the kids and playing with them in groups. Lanesha can also now greet parents as they come to drop off kids with confidence instead of allowing only the teacher do it,” Lisa says.

The teacher in Lanesha's room says that Lanesha has really come a long way with the help of MRCI and she is so proud of her. Lanesha’s pride in herself, is also evident.

Lanesha says,"The best part of my job is working with all the kids and helping them learn."

While Lanesha settles into her new job, Lisa Lobe herself is playing a new role for MRCI, as the organization has expanded its employment programs into Waseca, Rice and Steele counties.

“It’s been fun and challenging with this new role as it is a new territory, so developing it and making it your own can be a little intimidating,” Lisa says. “The employment program has been very well received in the new territory. Some seem to be surprised to hear about us, and some have the sense of relief and excitement that we will be in their city. This program gives many the opportunity to not just work but thrive.

“I have researched businesses and began speaking with management within some of these companies to determine if they will fit with my clients’ desires. When the company fits with my clients’ employment needs it feels like a homerun, truly exhilarating. It brings me joy knowing I can get my clients out in the working world, helping them fit into their community, and build working relationships between companies in these areas with MRCI for future clients. There will always be a need for employment, and I feel lucky to get to make these connections for my clients.”

To find out more about MRCI Employment Programs, visit or call 507-386-5600.

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