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Meet Henry

If you know Henry Claussen, you know that he is a social butterfly. That is why when he got a housekeeping job at the YMCA Mankato in March 2022, it was the perfect fit. Henry loves that he gets to work hard and meet new people at the same time.

Henry states, “Hannah Bo, my MRCI Employment Specialist, has helped me solve problems at work and has helped me set new goals.” Henry’s supervisor, Cat Gessner, states “I love Henry’s determination to accomplish goals and his ability to work hard. He has a positive influence towards so many YMCA staff and members. He makes the team and our hearts smile.” Henry’s ultimate goal is to save enough money so that he can move out on his own someday.

“I really love the staff and members at the YMCA” Henry says. Andrew Burk, YMCA CEO, explains “Henry is a valuable asset with all of his hard work and dedication. The Y would not be the same without him. The staff and members have a brighter day when they see Henry.” When you see Henry at the YMCA, his smile says it all!

When Henry is not working at the YMCA, you can find him having fun with his friends in the Community Day Service Program at MRCI. If you see Henry at the Y, he would love for you to stop by and say hi!

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