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Meet Sheri

Longevity. Reliability. For some employers, that is hard to find in the workforce these days. But

those two things are what employers have come to expect from individuals referred to them

from MRCI. Sheri Bruns is the latest example. Sheri just hit her 7-year anniversary at the

Culver’s in upper North Mankato.

Her supervisor, Dani, couldn’t stop saying great things about her. “Sheri is so fun to be around. She always has a great attitude, and she is always smiling. Sheri is very reliable, works hard every day and is always willing to help her co-workers. We love having Sheri on our team.”

As she celebrates her first seven years, Sheri also looks forward to the next seven and beyond.

Sheri says, “I love my job at Culver's, I don’t want to do anything else!”

MRCI offers a variety of person-centered programs to assist individuals in finding and keeping a job in their community. At the core of these services is the desire to provide individualized services that meet the specific needs and wishes of the individual. At the same time making sure employers needs are met.

Rather than move people through “programs” we build a plan for each person and provide an array of specific service options. We make sure they are equipped to get the job done right and to thrive in the workforce.

If you need reliable workers, contact us at 507-386-5600 or visit to learn more.

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