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Meet Tristen

Since February 2024, Tristen has been a dedicated employee at Anytime Fitness, excelling in his housekeeping role. His duties encompass sanitizing the premises, ensuring the weight machines are clean, and keeping the floors spotless through mopping and vacuuming.

Tristen’s been working with MRCI in New Ulm since 2022. He started by sharpening his professional skills and discovered his employment preferences through job tryouts at Cash Wise and Martin Luther College. He then moved into the job placement program where he researched job openings, hours of work, transportation needs and had help with applying and interviewing for jobs. He credits MRCI for his success, stating, “I wouldn’t have got the job at Anytime Fitness without them. They helped me job search and advocated for me throughout the hiring process.”

Tristen’s performance has not gone unnoticed. His supervisor at Anytime Fitness, Landon Watson, commends him for his proactive approach, stating, “He asks questions when he has them and if there’s something that I need to remind him of he will always get it done.” Similarly, MRCI Employment Specialist, Tim Leskey, praises Tristen’s work ethic and courtesy towards gym members.

Tristen has been on a journey. Within two years, he moved from South Dakota to Ohio and finally landed in Minnesota, transferring between two high schools in New Ulm. However, Tristen’s resilience and determination led him to successfully graduate despite these hurdles.

Tristen’s story exemplifies the power of dedication, resilience, and supportive guidance in achieving success. His ongoing journey with MRCI and Anytime Fitness serves as an inspiration for others embarking on their own employment journeys.

For more information on MRCI’s employment programs or becoming an MRCI employment partner, call 507-386-5600 or visit

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