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Meet Sam

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

The customers out front can’t see the work he does, but they appreciate it all the same. His managers and co workers know how valuable he is: they can’t do their work without his contributions. That’s the way it has been for Sam Jahnke over the last eight years. As Head Dishwasher for Panera Bread in Mankato, Sam takes great pride in the work he does.

“I don’t want to let anyone down,” he says. “Seeing my coworkers is what I like the most. The comradery of the people here. I’ve just made so many relationships. Friendships I wouldn’t have otherwise.”

In a time when staffing is challenging for Panera Bread and others around the region, workers like Sam are critical to filling a variety of roles.

Sam says he just strives to be a “good person to work with” and has a work ethic to match his enthusiasm for the job. In ten years of work, he has only missed one day. Reliability, another thing Sam is proud of.

“I know they need everyone here during the shifts to make sure the job gets done, so I don’t want to miss,” he says.

Kris Simpson, MRCI employment coordinator, says she started with Sam ten years ago and has offered a little coaching over the years. Overall, though he has done well on his own. She says Sam has been a joy to work with.

“He always listens and just always wants to do his best,” says Kris.

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