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Meet the Taylor Team

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

“Taylor Corporation is one of those places I can place a client and know they will be treated with respect each day. They are patient. They are kind. They accommodate in any way they possibly can. Clients feel welcome from the second they walk in the door on their first day. Truly, they go above and beyond to give our clients these opportunities,” says Erin Connell, employment specialist with MRCI.

In turn, MRCI gives Taylor Corporation an opportunity to expand their workforce and fill much needed positions during a workforce crunch.

“They are working as hand packager sand can work on multiple projects including gluing items, working with sticky notes, paper projects, putting invitations together, putting gift cards into boxes, etc.,” explains MRCI employment specialist Hailey Hoppe. “Once a project is finished, they will put it into a box and send it over to the shipping side where a few individuals from MRCI work and will verify the amount that is in each box and then tape up the box to get it ready for shipping. For example, they work on a lot of Amazon and Shutterfly projects.”

MRCI and Taylor Corporation have a history together, but a new relationship started taking shape in June of 2021. A relationship looking toward a shared future, not the past. “We used to have clients go there and work on crews, and we had some work brought into our workshop for clients to do in house,” explains Hailey. “But with our new focus on community and clients working for a competitive wage, we had to look at things differently. We had a meeting with Taylor Corporation to discuss what positions they had open that would work for many individuals that were interested in going back to work there. We discussed job coaching and job tryouts, and in July we had our first job tryout there. Through July, August, September and October we have a total of 12 people working between Precision Press, Card Fulfillment Services, The Occasions Group, and Corporate Graphics. Taylor and MRCI would like to continue the partnership and grow together. Taylor would like to keep this partnership long term and eventually bring on more individuals. It’s an exciting time!”

Trevor Kontak is one MRCI client currently working at Taylor Corporation.

“I like working at Taylor Corporation because the hours are desirable and I like the variety of work. The managers and coworkers are very helpful and are always there to help me. I feel like I am a part of the team and the work I do is important,” says Trevor.

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